January 11, 2022

Cameras in Women’s Bathrooms of a High-Rise Building

We recently were requested to travel to the Midwest to investigate a very troubling find by a female executive in a high-rise building where she was employed. A camera was found in the women’s bathroom stall.

We not only swept all the bathrooms for hidden cameras, we set up surveillance and busted the person who planted the camera.

The female executive worked on the on the thirty-eighth floor of a 40-story high-rise. One mid-week day, she proceeded to the women’s bathroom. She noticed that the automatic flush was not working and attempted to manually flush the toilet. When she bent down find the automatic flush mechanism, her eyes were directed to a silver faceplate on the wall. It at first appeared normal, however she then noticed a small peep hole in the center of the plate. She immediately left the bathroom and consulted with her supervisor. The supervisor called building security who requested the assistance of the engineer/maintenance division.

When the faceplate as removed, a battery operated small camera capable of recording a fair amount of footage was discovered. The company called our office at that point. Our team traveled to the location and, over a seventy-two hour weekend period, using six technicians, we were able to declare all the women’s bathrooms free and clear of recording devices. The disabled camera was placed back in the stall with the stall being marked as not useable.

Surveillance was maintained on the bathroom and two days later a building plumber was observed to enter. Upon exiting a few minutes later, he was confronted. The camera was found in his toolbox.

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