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Call us : 800.577.1080
Need a Bug Sweep?
Need a Bug Sweep?

Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Common questions about Bug Sweeps

& Counter Surveillance.

Up to date, modern equipment.2021-12-22T01:29:00-08:00

As technology changes, we change. We use only the most up-to-date, sophisticated, accurate, and current electronic surveillance equipment.

How long does it take?2021-12-22T01:24:05-08:00

Most inspections are performed in 3 phases over 2 days.

What specifically is included in the service?2022-02-07T20:28:37-08:00

See our debugging services page for a list.

The three main bugs we look for2021-12-22T01:26:25-08:00

When we enter your premises, we do a visual and electronic sweep. We are looking for 3 things: Monitoring devices powered by a phone line, monitoring devices powered by a battery, and cameras secreted in the bedroom.

Battery operated vs. Constant power devices2021-12-22T01:27:31-08:00

Battery operated devices are cheaper to get. But the criminal has to replace them every 6 weeks. Phone lines and outlets provide constant power, and because of this, they are often used to power listening devices and cameras.

What can be swept?2021-12-22T01:28:13-08:00

Just about anything. We can sweep any and all devices (cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.). With any home or office sweep, we also will sweep up to 2 cars if desired.

Can you spot the hidden devices?


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or bug sweeps, uncover illegal surveillance devices, unknown technical surveillance devices, and identify security weaknesses.

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