Professional Bug Sweep
& Debugging Services

Need a Sweep?

Why you need a professional bug sweep:

Level the Field

Level the Field

Competitors who illegally monitor your private communications have an unfair advantage.

Ensure your Privacy

Ensure your Privacy

Bug sweeps help ensure the security of your trade secrets and information.

Find Bad Employees

Find Bad Employees

Bugs that are discovered can be used to ferret out the bad employees that put them there.

Think You Have a Bug?

Think You Have a Bug?

If there’s a bug we will find it, guaranteed!

The list of reasons goes on and on…

Have confidence that your privacy is protected!

Our team has years of electronic surveillance detection. Our bug sweep services are performed & supervised by former Federal Agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS or Secret Service. We train on a regular basis using advanced hardware & detection methodologies. We stay up-to-date on the latest changes in technology and vulnerabilities to give you confidence that your privacy is protected.

Scans Using Modern Equipment

Using the most up to date, modern and sophisticated equipment, we search the area for signals. We detect both digital and analog devices, across a variety of frequencies and spectrum’s.

Radio Spectrum Analysis

A radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis from 10kHz to 12GHz, including recognition capabilities for digital, spread-spectrum, and frequency-hopping transmitters, in addition to standard analog devices.

Physical Search

We search your premises for illegal audio and video bugs. Our investigators have decades of experience and know what to look for.

Electrical Outlet Inspection

Electrical outlets provide constant power, and are a common place to plant wireless transmitters. We use a variety of detection devices to check them.

Phones and Physical Line Checks

Phones and hard lines are checked for audio bugs and wiretaps using sophisticated equipment.

Advanced Detection

A variety of other techniques which are not disclosed for reasons of security.


Our sweeps are conducted in a private, confidential manner. When necessary, we will not disrupt your place of business.

A Written Report

A written report of all findings is included with every bug sweep.

Peace of Mind

All work is performed & supervised by former Federal Agents
from the FBI, DEA, IRS or Secret Service

Corporate America

We provide electronic bug sweeps to detect unwanted eavesdropping devices and potential risks to data leaks of information


We are the trusted provider of bug sweeps, counter surveillance and ALWAYS maintain total confidentiality to all of our clients.